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During making of crowns it is required to make impressions of teeth. Impressions can be made using various methods and materials. Many materials tend to flow everywhere and can be messy and cause the patient to gag (feeling of uneasiness). But certain high end materials remain confined to the selective area. We use one such material and it is mixed in equipment called as Pentamix.

This enables a smooth, void free mixture of impression material. With the touch of a button, the Pentamix Automatic Mixing Unit delivers a completely homogeneous mix for exceptionally accurate impressions and perfectly fitting restorations. This equipment mixes the material to perfection which makes the whole procedure of impression making quick, easy and extremely comfortable for the patient. It also sets easily needing less time for making impressions.

Impression making using mixture mixed by Pentamix is extremely comfortable for you as a patient.


The dental industry is constantly searching for ways to improve how we can diagnose and treat conditions in the oral environment. The ability to diagnose various types of oral pathology in their earliest forms is a huge benefit to both patients and dentists.
Early diagnosis allows for earlier and less invasive interventions such as remineralization therapy or a preventive resin restoration.

Pairing advanced diagnostics with the ability for patients to visualize their oral health conditions creates an urgency for patients to move forward with these minimally invasive treatments. Early detection creates a powerful call to action for both the dentist and patient alike. With the use of intra oral camera you yourself can see your own dental problems on a screen.


X-rays play an integral part during diagnosis of the problem which helps in deciding the treatment required. Sometimes, X-rays need to be taken multiple times during a procedure like root canal treatment. So it is important that the process of X-ray making is comfortable for the patient. We have the facility of digital X-rays. Digital radiographs are one of the most wonderful advances in dental technology! The clarity and size of the images enhances clinical diagnosis of dental problems. The amount of radiation is reduced up to 70%. Digital x-rays have many advantages over regular (plain film) x-rays including:

  • Immediate viewing of the imaged area with significantly less radiation exposure for the patient
  • Better visualization of the area due to your doctor being able to digitally enhance the image on the computer screen
  • No processing chemicals or film are needed to view the image resulting in a more environmentally friendly situation
  • Traditional X-ray making requires a film which need to be processed and developed taking around 20 minutes for each X-ray. But in case of digital X-ray making we can immediately see the X-ray on screen. This saves the time required for developing of X-rays the traditional way.



We are amongst the few in Pune to use LASERS (Made in U.S.A.) to perform many soft tissue and gum surgeries. The most common worry of everyone when needed to undergo gum surgery is about the healing time required for it. The traditional way of performing gum surgeries require anaesthesia and stitches for healing. The healing period required is also of atleast a week. But when we use LASERS, the procedures become almost painless, needleless, bloodless, flapless and stitchless. You can even start eating normal food the very next day itself.

It has been found that the most common microorganism which causes a problem during root canal treatment is E.fecalis. This microorganism resides inside our teeth and cause recurring infection. so it is very important to get rid of it. This can be done by sterilizing the canals during root canal treatment. We use LASERS to sterilize the canals and kill these harmful microorganisms. This not only clears the infection present but also increases the success rate of the treatment giving better prognosis for the tooth.

Apex Locator

Root canal treatment is required when the infection has travelled from the top of tooth to the root tips of tooth. Root canal treatment can be successful only when all of this infection gets cleared out. So it is important to understand the exact point where the root tips end. As the roots of teeth are embedded inside bone and covered with gums, this can be done by using few other methods.

The most accurate method is to use apex locator. As the name suggests, it locates the apex (tip) of roots. We use one of the best apex locator (Root Zx-II – Made in Japan) to locate the root tips during rootcanal treatment.


It is very important to know the tip of roots to clean the infection. but along with that it is equally important for the canals to be cleaned and shaped for good prognosis of tooth. We use an automated handpiece with motor (X-Smart-Made in Japan) for cleaning and shaping of canals.

Cleaning canals using automated handpiece has better results than cleaning manually. This provides better efficiency, giving better results.


All patients’ data is safely stored on a cloud based practice management software called as ‘Practo’. It is guarded with secure passwords so that the data is never lost. This software also enables patients to book online appointment by visiting our clinic’s page on Practo. Our patients receive appointment confirmation and reminder SMS and emails. It also independently takes patient feedback and recommendation about our services.


We have installed information based software for the waiting area. This software continuously displays information about all dental treatment, how to take care of your teeth and also some fun games so your little ones don’t feel scared sitting in the waiting room.

Another treatment information software is installed in the consultation area. This software helps us to explain you the treatment more clearly so you are aware of the treatment that we are going to perform. We also send information about treatment in form of video and leaflet on your e-mail id.

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