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Pediatric Dentistry

From preventative cleanings to protective dental sealants, our goal is to help your child avoid  tooth decay and have a strong smile that will last years into adulthood.

As your child becomes familiar with the dental office environment, we provide them with the information and preventive care that they need to avoid everyday problems like cavities, toothaches and bad breath.

Gentle Dental Care

Should your child require restorative care, we can help by providing the care that they need with the comfort that they deserve. By scheduling routine dental evaluations, our dentists are able to pinpoint problems while they are simpler and easier to correct.


1.Preventive Dentistry

Your child’s precious smile is important to us. And what better way to preserve it than prevention of cavities. Pit and fissure sealants and Flouride Application along with proper brushing help in prevention of cavities.

  • Pit and Fissure Sealants :Our teeth have deep pits and grooves. Sometimes these grooves are very deep and food gets easily stuck in them. It becomes difficult for your child to clean them. Application of Pit and Fissure sealants makes these grooves shallow enough to serve the purpose and also keep them clean.
  • Topical Fluoride Application: Pit and fissure sealants take care of the deep grooves but the other surfaces of teeth can be protected by application of Topical Fluoride.

2.Restorative Dentistry

If your child has cavities, they need to be filled on time. Sometimes, these cavities are not noticeable till the child starts experiencing pain. Be it fillings or root canal treatment we at HappySmiles Dental Clinic want your child to have healthy smile and also be comfortable.

3.Habit breaking:

Is your child still sucking his thumb and not ready to give it up? The best solution for this is using habit breaking appliances. Habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip biting cause numerous dental problems in future. But this all can be prevented by Habit breaking appliances. These appliances are very comfortable and serve as a reminder to the child to stop the habit.

Going to the dentist should be enjoyable, not something that your child fears. Call us today to learn more about creating a positive impact on your child’s future smile.

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